Matt Doherty is a fantasy soccer set-and-forget star

When Matt Doherty got off to a hot start, it raised eyebrows in the fantasy soccer community, but it seemed very few thought the Wolves’ wing-back could keep it up. Fast forward to the present and the Ireland international is an established goal threat for his club, and a top-25 player in the ESPN game.

How is Doherty performing so well, and why did no one see it coming?cheap nfl nike jerseys from china

Doherty wasn’t exactly an unknown coming into the season, having played all but one match for Wolves in the Championship last season, but he simply wasn’t putting up the numbers to seem fantasy relevant. In fact, he has already recorded as many shots on target as he managed all of last season (12) and is just a goal and an assist short of his total 2017-18 goal contribution. If you were to look at the Irishman’s production and profile this season compared to last, it would be quite easy to assume they were entirely different players.11

To explain that, we first must take a circuitous path through Barry Douglas. In the preseason, many Wolves players were highly touted fantasy assets and, in defense, Douglas looked the best of the bunch. The left-back was a creative force last season, finishing the Championship campaign with the most assists in the league while creating more chances than any of the high-profile midfielders at his nfl jerseys wholesale cheap

Looking like a lock for fantasy success in the Premier League, what do Wolves do? They sell Douglas, of course, just two weeks before the season starts. While they found a positional replacement in Jonny Castro Otto, it quickly became evident that the Spaniard was less comfortable bombing forward than his predecessor. So, with Douglas gone, it was only inevitable that someone would have to pick up the creative slack and it’s now become quite evident that Doherty is that someone.

While Doherty had not previously been asked to carry out much in the way of attacking duties, he seems to be well suited to it. He has already been a direct contributor on six goals this season, which is joint-best among all defenders in the Premier League. It also means that Doherty has been involved in nearly 40 percent of Wolves’ goals. While he is providing far more going forward than he has in previous seasons, the change in role and the underlying statistics, point toward this being sustainable for the 26-year-old.

He is now top-three in every attacking category at his club, with Raul Jimenez the only player ahead of him in goals, shots on target, and assists, and Joao Moutinho the only player with more chances created. So, in Doherty, you have a player who is scoring like a forward and creating like a midfielder, while being listed as a defender.