The hottest NFL coaching candidates: Don’t rule out Josh McDaniels

Five weeks from now, a half-dozen or so NFL teams are going to be looking for new head coaches, and most of them are going to want their candidates to be guys who know how to score points.

There’s a guy with the New England Patriots who knows how to do it. And before you laugh off the notion that any NFL team would trust Josh McDaniels enough to bring him in for an interview after what he did in Indianapolis 10 months ago, you need to understand the nfl nike jerseys free shipping

Baggage and all, McDaniels’ talents as a coach and playcaller make him a very interesting candidate for teams that will find themselves in the head-coaching market in January. It’s rough out there if you’re looking for the next offensive coaching wunderkind. The list of guys with McDaniels’ credentials is pretty short, and demand for those kinds of guys isn’t fading away.

All seven of the head-coaching hires in 2016 were from offensive backgrounds, as were four of the six in 2017. Out of those two groups, one (Doug Pederson) has won the Super Bowl, a few (Sean McVay, Anthony Lynn, Kyle Shanahan) are still trying, a couple (Dirk Koetter, Adam Gase) are barely hanging on, and a few more (Ben McAdoo, Hue Jackson, Chip Kelly) didn’t make it.12

But offense is still the name of the modern NFL game, and teams are looking for the guys who are the best at coaching it. Problem is, after a couple of years of accelerating smart, young, relatively inexperienced offensive coordinators into head-coaching positions, the pipeline starts to look a little bit dry. The sense around the league right now is that, while you can expect the usual six or eight head-coaching openings the NFL creates every year, the list of candidates to fill those openings is a little lighter than it has been in recent years.

Which is why it’s not at all crazy to think that some coach-needy team, or teams, will turn their lonely eyes once again to Bill Belichick’s brilliant but mercurial offensive coordinator. McDaniels was the hottest name on the circuit last year, and assuming he wants another shot at those interviews, there’s a good chance he will be again. Multiple sources close to the situation say McDaniels would be interested in a head-coaching opportunity if it were the right one, which is something we’ve heard of McDaniels before. If you want to roll your eyes, it’s hard to blame nfl jerseys from china nike

Any team interested in bringing in McDaniels for an interview is going to want to put him through a series of pointed questions specific to his situation and his history. Whereas he spent the past couple of interview cycles answering questions about what went wrong during his first head-coaching stint with the Denver Broncos — he went 11-17 and was fired during his second season — McDaniels now will face those again as well as fresh questions about what in the absolute heck happened with the Indianapolis Colts.