Josh Rosen a favorite among teammates, who say ‘he’s not weird’

A few minutes after Phil Dawson missed a potential game-winning field goal against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen found Dawson and did his best to console the second-oldest player in the league.

“He had some very encouraging words,” Dawson said.

While the words were a nice gesture from Rosen, Dawson was more impressed that Rosen, a 21-year-old rookie, had the wherewithal to go out of his way to talk to the 43-year-old cheap authentic nfl jerseys

In 20 seasons, Dawson doesn’t remember another quarterback doing anything like that in a similar situation.

“That’s pretty significant,” Dawson said. “But especially when you consider that it’s a rookie quarterback making his first start with obviously a lot of issues on his plate, and for him to take time while processing his first game and a tough loss and all that kind of stuff, to go out of his way to encourage a teammate, especially one in my shoes, I think that speaks a lot for his leadership and just the character of the guy.”11

That’s just who Rosen is. The Cardinals knew what they were getting from Rosen, the quarterback. Throughout the past five months, since he was drafted by Arizona 10th overall, Rosen has shown the Cardinals what kind of person they got.

It hasn’t been the brash, outspoken, opinionated player who made a name for himself because of all those traits in college.

“He’s a delightful person to be around,” wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald said. “Anybody that spends any time with him, he’s got a vast array of interests, and he’s a very, very interesting person. I’ve enjoyed my time getting to know him.”

“I think that’s the way to do it,” Pugh said. “If you want to be a leader, you have to lead by example first and work hard and show everyone you’re going to do it the right way. And then people start to follow you.

“And then the personality, you got to be who you are. You got to bring who you are to the table. That’s part of the reason why we drafted him. So I’m excited for nfl jerseys

“He’s getting a chance to showcase that a little bit more. Now you’re in the starting role, you have a little bit more pressure, but that also means you can be a little more out there, a little more open about how you feel and what you’re seeing or doing. So it’ll be fun for him.”